Driver Loan Singapore

Private-hired driver fast cash personal loan is a new financial loan package that helps your normalise the income flow caused by the uncertainty of the job in the market.

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Affordable and Flexible Financing

This personal loan is packaged after evaluation of your finances. It is flexible and the repayments are stretched over a longer period. Consumers find it easier paying off their loans because the amount is given only after carefully assessing your financial situation.

Easy Application and Fast Service

As long as you are currently driving with private-hired companies and able to show proof of income (weekly payslips generated from the driver app), you automatically are eligible to take a loan from us.

You can now apply for your loan online and get an appointment. Once your documentation has been verified and sign-off of the agreement, you will receive cash on the spot.

This means you will receive professional assistance during the loan process and there are no hidden charges.

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