You need a loan. You’re at the right place since Singapore is a top money loan destination. However, with all the options, who should I choose? Should I borrow more? These three Singapore money lending facts might assist you answer such questions.

The Singapore Moneylenders Act regulates licensed moneylenders.

If you want a loan in Singapore, know the rules. Singapore’s licensed moneylenders follow the Moneylenders Act. It states how much interest may be charged, the maximum interest rate, and the borrower’s collateral requirements. The law also details borrowers’ and lenders’ duties and what happens if borrowers can’t pay. The Moneylenders Act limits interest rates and collateral requirements.

Cancel a loan contract within five days.

A loan arrangement may be terminated without penalty. You may do this by notifying the lender in writing before the five-day cooling-off period expires. The lender will then refund your whole payment.

Charge less than 4% interest for every month that passes.

Moneylenders are only allowed to charge less than 4% interest each month, which you may not be aware of. Since the interest rate is calculated on the principal loan amount, your monthly payment would be roughly $50 if you took out a $1,000 loan for six months. They will not be able to raise their rates during the term of your loan since this amount includes both principal and interest payments.

Better understand your rights as a borrower.

Before signing any contracts for lending money, you should be informed of your rights. It is possible to cancel it within five days without incurring any penalties or extra charges. It’s important to remember that signing a money loan contract involves two persons engaging into a legally binding deal. If one party fails to fulfill their responsibilities, they will face legal consequences.


Although we recognize how difficult it may be to live in Singapore, we hope that this article has given you a better understanding of the moneylending industry and how it functions. It’s important to remember that there are several methods to pay for your essentials, and if you’re willing to do your research, the finest option will emerge.